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What makes a good brand ambassador? Who do we want as the face of our company? How do I find the right brand ambassador? These are common questions we hear at Bolt Marketing Group.

Here are a few of the major traits we search for when interviewing candidates:

Authentic: We often say that being a good brand ambassador comes down to being a good person. If you are a positive person with good ethics, it makes everything that much easier. Ambassadors should truly believe in the brand's mission, values, and products or services so they can authentically foster trust and credibility among consumers, leading to more meaningful connections. 

Professional & Reliable: Will this person show up on time and be prepared to represent the brand in a positive way? Brands must find reps who they can trust to be punctual and speak effectively about the brand and its products/services. The power of event marketing is in the staff who execute the strategies we creative agencies dream up. Don't let your next activate fall flat with brand ambassadors who are not vetted and trained to support your marketing objectives.

Flexible: Brand ambassadors must be adaptable and have the ability to navigate difficult conversations and capitalize on opportunities as they present themselves. Whether in-person or virtually, ambassadors should be able to adjust their approach accordingly. 

Communication Skills: Excellent communication skills are essential for brand reps to convey the brand's message clearly and then to report back to the client so they can evaluate the effectiveness of the brand activation. Whether through written content, public speaking, or interpersonal communication, ambassadors should articulate the company's values and benefits with convincing clarity. 

Creative: Creativity and innovation can help BA's stand out and capture the audience. Whether creating unique marketing campaigns or finding new ways to promote the brand, ambassadors who think outside the box can help drive excitement and interest. 

Constructive Feedback: Good brand ambassadors actively look for ways to improve and are open to feedback. They use this information to refine their approach, improve performance, and fill in the gaps with their consumer engagements. 


A good brand ambassador is constantly developing and finds excitement in improvement. They are authentic, reliable, flexible, professional, communicative, and creative. At Bolt Marketing Group, we work tirelessly, scouring the earth in search of these pros. If you think that you bring to the table what others can’t, please email  If you are a company in search of such talent, head over to Bolt Marketing Group.


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