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Our Mission

Bolt’s mission is to provide effective experiential & digital marketing strategies and creative solutions that help our clients engage with their audience in a meaningful and memorable way. Whether we're creating and promoting an event, activating a sponsorship, designing a custom app, developing a social media initiative, or designing & deploying a digital advertising campaign, we will get you in front of your target audience.

Over the last 15 years, Bolt has produced & managed thousands of marketing promotions, events, and the supplementary digital marketing strategies that support them. We look forward to hearing from you!



Rising Wild is an adventure & fitness program for kids ages 4-14 and their families. Designed for the now, the new, and the future, Rising Wild is a subscription model delivering fun adventure & fitness themed challenges & events, storytelling, and a mobile app.

Kids Obstacle Challenge is an adventure event series for kids ages 4-14, with 15+ fun and challenging obstacles, mud, & entertainment for the whole family. We are the largest touring event series for kids in the nation! And the best part is, it's a FAMILY experience!

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