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Give your customers a brand-rich experience inside your store or event space with custom-built, affordable seating, point-of-sale (POS) stations, product displays, signage and more! We will work with you to identify the perfect style, design, and function for your custom retail installment. Allow Bolt to customize your retail space to give your customers a memorable experience with your brand.

Designing a custom look for your retail space or event is an effective way to stand out from your competition. Your product deserves (and needs) to be displayed in a creative and functional way so that customers have a positive experience with your brand. Whether you have a product that is difficult to display or a product that requires some level of demonstration, we can help design and build your custom display that will effectively showcase your product. Once we have the creative solution in place, our team will also develop the plan and strategy for rolling out the new displays into your facilities or at your events. We execute custom retail installations in Portland, OR and nationwide.

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