Who We Are

Bolt Marketing Group is a Portland-based event and experiential marketing agency. Don’t wait for your consumers to come to you. Instead, choose high-impact event marketing as your approach to increase brand awareness and improve your brand engagements. We help our clients bring their brand to their target consumers and improve brand loyalty.

Bolt’s client list includes a few of the nation’s most successful athletic apparel & footwear companies, such as Nike, Eastbay, and Crocs, but it has also grown in recent years to include the likes of NW Natural Gas and Subaru of America. We also provide many small businesses with event marketing and promotional staffing solutions, which help grow their customer base.

Bolt’s capabilities include:

  • Experiential Marketing
  • Mobile Event Marketing Tours
  • Grassroots Marketing
  • Street Team Marketing
  • Campaign Management
  • Tour Management
  • Event Display Design and Fabrication
  • Vehicle Design and Fabrication
  • Brand Ambassador Staffing
  • DOT Motor Carrier Compliance
  • Branding [Print, Interactive, and Web Design]
  • Interactive Displays
  • In-Store Product Sampling
News and Events
  • Subaru Creates a Memorable Carpool Karaoke Activation

    As event experts, we are serious about your brand engagements and we seriously want consumers to HAVE FUN with your brand! At the Seattle Magazine 50th Anniversary Party, Bolt produced, managed and staffed the Subaru Carpool Karaoke event marketing activation where hundreds of participants got to belt out their favorite tune in the all new 2017 Impreza. Event guests eagerly crowded the booth to watch karaoke goers on the large Subaru-branded projection screen streaming overhead or to sign-up for their chance to sing-along. Inside the vehicle, consumers got the opportunity to engage with the unique dashboard features and experience what driving the all new Impreza would feel like on the road. In addition, Bolt facilitated a sweepstakes promotion, giving away a custom Lib Tech Subaru snowboard that was displayed on the Thule carrying rack, and in the process collected data from valuable sales leads at the event. Overall, the experiential marketing strategy proved to be highly effective for Subaru who looks forward to more launch events like this in the future!

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  • Bolt’s Muddy Splash into the Obstacle Racing Scene!

    Bolt Marketing Group had a busy, and very muddy summer! Bolt took on the challenge of adopting and overhauling the Kids Obstacle Challenge, an adventure and mud obstacle course event series designed specifically for kids!

    We think the numbers speak for themselves in describing Bolt’s elevation of the Kids Obstacle Challenge, now in its seventh year.


    Once the acquisition of Kids Obstacle Challenge was complete, Bolt had 33 days as the new owners and producers of the adventure course before the first event to re-brand, re-design and build the website and social media accounts, plus design and produce event assets, set-up a ticket platform, and secure awesome event venues. Also, we had to identify and contact vendors and volunteers, while creating an internal infrastructure, marketing plan and selling tickets for the events. Phew! Not to mention setting up, running and tearing down all four events!

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  • #BoltToTheFinishLine Takes on Questival Portland!

    Here at Bolt we take our event research very seriously! When the 24-hour Copaxi Questival rolled into Portland we were packed and ready to go armed with coffee, smiles and a little bit of competitive spunk!

    Questival is not for the faint at heart, your team is given a list of over 400 challenges each with a point scale. Your team must prioritize the challenges and try to complete as many challenges within 24-hours as they can. Each team keeps track of their progress and proves completion by uploading footage and photo proof to the Questival app. The kicker, and how teams can jump ahead, is that the challenges are peer reviewed by other teams, your family, and that girl who works in the coffee shop. Thus, may the odds be ever in your favor… or at least may your Facebook followers be ever in your favor.

    We are proud that team #BoltToTheFinishLine came in 14th place out of 252 teams! We roller-skated, slid down alpine slides, mailed a potato to our boss, swam/floundered 250 meters, jumped in a refreshing waterfall, made a half-court shot…blindfolded, challenged staring contests and dance offs to strangers, preformed tandem cartwheels, and thoroughly explored Oregon. Bolt Marketing Group is eager to participate in the next adventure challenge that comes through Portland for research and maybe a little bit of fun!

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